These kind of aerial installations are probably the main stay of my work. To install a new aerial on a chimney stack and to run off a 4 way splitter to 4 different rooms in a house. I must admit it that I really do prefer to do these kind of jobs since in this case the house had no aerial installed and it was a fresh set up. There was no need to incorporate an already existing aerial system, which can be a bit of a pain.

Aerial Fitted to a Chimney in Leyland

As you can see in the image above, this is the aerial set up where I have bolted the bracket to the chimney. I prefer to use this kind of install as I feel it is a much better and stronger fixing opposed to using a lashing kit. A lashing kit is where a piece of wire is wrapped around the chimney stack to fasten the bracket to the chimney. I have seen plenty of these kind of setups go slack and lose their grip over a few years.

Also, as you can see, there is a small box near the base of the mast. This is a waterproof housing for the 4 way passive splitter from which the coax cables are run. In Leyland the signal strength is very strong, in this occasion reading around 70db which is near the top end. This reading tells me that it can be split multiple times without the need for an expensive amplifier.

So, in all I used a log periodic aerial, with built in 4g filter, a galvanised steel bracket and mast and a good run of coax cable. By using a good quality aerial and having it set up by a trained professional there is no need to have multiple aerials on the roof , just the one works perfectly

For more info and getting a quote on this kind of aerial system, please just phone one of the numbers on the website.