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Aerial Repairs

Are you experiencing problems with your television reception? Is your picture freezing during bad weather? Has it become glitchy? Getting the message ‘No Signal’?

At DigiTec, we have all the latest testing equipment & meters to check your signal strength as well as to give your system a maintenance check up. When we find the reason why you’re getting a poor reception we will offer you a solution. We can carry out most aerial repairs there and then as we carry all the approved equipment on our van. For Aerial Repairs call  07726 299 032

Repairing a TV Aerial System

Generally people understand if after a storm where strong wind has knocked down your aerial that you start to get problems with your television picture. But most of the time the reason why you may be experiencing a problem with your signal is not so visible.

Due to the increase in interference from such things as WiFi, mobile phones (4g), water ingress into both the TV aerial & cable, more and more people are calling DigiTec for Aerial Repairs. Unless a digital approved TV Aerial (which is designed for wide band digital signal) & double shielded aerial cable is installed by a professional, then it’s only a matter of time before your Freeview digital TV viewing is going to be interrupted.

TV Aerial Upgrades

If you have been using an existing analogue TV Aerial for some time now but have started to get picture freezing or at certain times a glitch, then it does point to a few possible reasons. Sometimes a repair is all that is needed. Other times though what will be needed to resolve it long term would be a complete Digital approved TV Aerial Installation including double shielded cable.

Due to age and increased interference these old analogue aerials are becoming less & less effective. When we go to a property to carry out aerial repairs, we do a survey and signal check on the whole system to determine exactly the cause of the fault. We then explain to the customer the solution and cost before we start any Aerial Repairs

DigiTec carry all the right equipment to not only find the reason for the fault, but to either repair or replace any damaged or substandard equipment. We are house trained meaning we put on boot covers when entering your home. We also tidy away any mess after finishing any aerial repairs.

If you are experiencing any issues with your television picture whether it is from your aerial or satellite, we have the experience and know how to provide a lasting solution. For more info on Aerial Repairs or to book a TV Aerial Repair appointment, call us on 07726 299 032.

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