Recently got s call to a property in St.Annes to do an aerial installation on a chimney to supply Freeview to 2 rooms in the house. It was a fairly straightforward job. No need to remove any old coax cable or remove an old antenna from off the building as there was none there.

The best way to ensure a quality fit is to bolt a galvanised bracket to the chimney stack. Then, to bolt a galvanised steel mast to the bracket using ‘V’ bolts, with the antenna firmly attached to the top of that mast. By using a digital aerial meter it can be aligned to the best position for picking up all of the transmitted signals from the winter hill transmitter.

Finally coax cable is connected from the aerial to a passive splitter within a waterproof housing for the coax cables going to the individual rooms to securely connect to.

How Strong is the Freeview Digital Signal in Lytham St.Annes?

Since there is very little to get in the way from the transmitted signal from off the transmitter at winter hill, the signal strength is very good. Also, the quality of the signal is good with very little in the way of interference.

With that being said, when the TV Aerial is installed in the Lytham St.Annes area it is very simple to fit it and feed cable to upto 4 rooms from a passive splitter. No need to use an amplified splitter or booster, so long as the aerial is set up correctly.

Why we can Guarantee our Aerial Installations for Lytham St.Annes

Securing the coax cable is also an important part of any TV aerial installation work we do. If cable is not secured it can get blown around in the winds and will become damaged. We always make an effort to secure coax cable so that it stays put for many years to come, no matter how bad the weather.

This is one of the reasons we can happily guarantee a TV Aerial Installation in Lytham St.Annes.

We always use the best equipment, we follow best practice when carrying out the installs and make sure it looks as neat and tidy as possible.

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