Aldcliffe is a small Hamlet, 1.5 miles south west of the City of Lancaster and located on the east bank of the River Lune.  The name can be split into two, Ald which means old and clif meaning high ground, and traditionally would have been pronounced “Awcliffe”. We are often found working in this area of Lancaster.

Aldcliffe is steeped in history dating back before the Norman conquest.  Due to the connection with the River and it’s name also meaning “Old Settlement” it is quite likely that it was established prior to the Battle of Hastings.

This small Hamlet town has a mention in the Domesday Book where it was part of the Manor of Holton and owned by Earl Tostig.

There are some great places to visit around Aldcliffe including towns, villages, parks, waterfalls, lakes, woodlands, old mines, historic sites and ruins to name just a few!

Point of interest #1 Fairfield Nature Reserve Lancaster LA1 5UU

Point of interest #2 Arna Wood solar Farm 4 Arna Wood Barn, Aldcliffe, Lancaster LA2 0AE

Driving Directions from Digitec Aerials

Driving directions from Aldcliffe to Galgate

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