​The answer to this is it depends. Carrying out aerial repairs and getting an aerial to work properly can be two completely different things. So, not the straightforward answer you’re perhaps looking for, but let’s go into a few things that can be done and explain how an aerial can be fixed.

No signal or poor signal due to the aerial nor being set up correctly.

In this instance it can be fixed and that is because the actual antenna isn’t damaged, it has just been installed incorrectly.

​So how would you know.

  • Firstly, is the aerial pointing in the same general direction that your neighbours’ aerials are pointing to? If not, have strong winds moved it to a direction where it is no longer getting a strong enough signal. This would be a simple fix to do for someone competent on ladders and roofs.
  • Secondly, is the aerial set up in the correct polarisation for the local transmitter. This means that the actual antenna is either horizontally aligned or it is vertically aligned. One of the best ways to determine this is by checking your neighbours’ aerials. Getting this wrong can diminish the signal strength and quality to a point where watching TV is impossible. Again, this is a simple fix so long as access to the aerial is possible.
  • Thirdly, badly connections can destroy signal, so gaining an understanding of how the coax cable is meant to connect to the aerial is helpful. Also, making sure the coax plug is connected correctly with the coax cable is very important. If there are any issues with the connections from the antenna to the TV itself, then this could result in a loss of signal

Fixing an aerial that’s been damaged or corroded

Aerials themselves by design are lightweight and are not particularly strong. Due to this if there are strong winds or if debris hits it in a storm, they can get damaged. A damaged aerial can still work to some degree, but there usually isn’t the option to repair it like new. Once damaged, the best solution is to replace it completely. For what it costs, it isn’t worth trying to repair it. The repair would never be as good as getting it replaced.

Water ingress is another very common reason why an aerial fails. If the waterproof housing where the diode is connected to the coax loses its waterproofing, then it will cause problems with the signal. it is very difficult to repair & in these cases a replacement is the only solution.

Finally, after being outdoors for a number of years any equipment can corrode. This is no different for aerials. These things are out in all weathers and all seasons, they take a lot of punishment over the years and it always amazes me how long they can last. However, once corrosion sets in it is irreparable. Accept that it’s done its job over the years and get a good quality replacement fitted.

Hopefully, this has gone someway to answering the question of whether a TV aerial can be fixed.

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