There are many new build sites in and around Lancaster that a requiring TV aerial installation in their lofts. The builders such as Barratts and Storey Homes will happily install the TV sockets for the home in which ever room the new home owner requires, yet they don’t install the aerial or amplifier to service these TV points. This is where we come in and get the loft aerial installed and working for you. When we arrive we will have all of the correct equipment on our vans so that we will be able to complete the job within the time of our visit. We will not need to nip out to pick up some piece of equipment that we may need. Having installed plenty of digital aerials in the new builds in and around Lancaster, we know exactly what is required to carry out a successful aerial installation in Lancaster

Aerial Installation to 7 points

​With the aerial in the loft situation, usually the builders will have coiled up the coax cable connecting to all of the TV sockets around the house, and left the cable coiled near the loft hatch, making the ability to finish the job that bit quicker. Once in the loft we use a log periodic digital aerial and by connecting this to a spectrum analyser direct the aerial into the best position to pick up the strongest signal. We then fit an aerial spike to the most suitable rafter and set about attaching the aerial head to it. After this we run a length of coax cable to where the embedded coax cable is. Now, depending on how many TV points there are in the house will determine whether or not we use a passive splitter or an amplified one. If there are 4 or more TV sockets in the house, then we would generally use some sort of amplified splitter such as a set-back amp or a masthead amplifier.

TV Aerial Fitted in Loft for New Build in Lancaster

With the Storey homes, they go to that little bit more effort in the construction of the homes and will equip the loft with a light and also a power socket. This is usually located near the loft hatch and is there for the amp to plug into. If there is no power socket and the home has 4 or more points, then we would use a masthead amp. This kind of amp is split into 2 parts, the splitter device, and the power unit. The power to the amp is sent to the splitter part via the coax cable going from the TV point to the loft. It doesn’t matter which one is used just so long as it is used. As with the pictures shown of one of the aerial installation jobs we did in Lancaster, it shows a set-back amp having been installed and it is plugged into a power socket in the loft. With this aerial installation we were able to provide a quality Freeview signal for all 7 aerial sockets in the home.