So, with the advent of smart TVs, there are multiple ways in which to watch TV. However, whether or not someone needs a TV aerial depends on what they want to watch on their TV and how they want to watch it. If unsure which digital TV aerials to use, you’re welcome to contact us for advice.

With the Smart TV, there is the option of streaming various programs and channels on the TV that do not need a TV aerial. Platforms such as Roku, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and others are available if there is a good enough internet connection.

As well as these are the option of streaming standard TV channels via Freeview Play. This supplies all of the catch-up platforms such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, etc. With this way of watching TV, someone can log into the platform and stream the program they wish to watch, again via internet, but through the TV.

Freeview Live requires a TV aerial connection

Although Freeview Play is very handy, it doesn’t come with the same ease of watching live television like it does from standard Freeview. With the standard Freeview, which is received via a good working aerial, there is the ability to simply change channels via the remote control. Plus, there are usually over a 100 different channels to choose from.

With Freeview, changing channel or channel hopping is easy. By a simple click on the remote control, the next live channel is shown on screen without the need to log out of one platform, and into another. This makes the whole process seamless and easy to use. It has its own guide showing programs to come, and also what is showing on other channels.

Should I watch TV via a Freeview aerial?

If you watch a lot of TV and don’t want to have the hassle of logging into and out of different catch up accounts, then watching TV via an aerial is the way to go. The cost of getting a good quality antenna installed is easily balanced out with the convenience of Freeview TV. Plus, a professionally installed aerial of good quality, can last upwards of over 20 years. I know which way I’d go.

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