Assuming that the antenna is no longer functioning properly due to damage or corrosion, it is advisable to replace it. The question often asked is how much does that cost? The answer depends on a number of factors. These factors help to determine what a replacement TV aerial installation in Lancaster would cost.

In order to be able to give an estimate an aerial company would require a few details first. Then once these details have been given an experienced engineer would usually be able to give a fairly accurate cost of how much it would be to supply and replace the TV aerial.

Location and general area

.​There are certain locations all over the UK that receive a very strong and clear digital signal from their nearest transmitter. Then there are other areas that receive a very poor signal. So, cost wise living in a strong signal area would be better. Why? Well, the type of antenna required maybe a smaller and less expensive type than if someone lived in a poor signal area. In which case a high gain aerial maybe required. There is a big difference in price between the two. So, understanding where the property is located is important to know.

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Where the TV Aerial is Situated

As well as paying for the actual antenna, the customer is also paying for the installation service. The cost of this service depends on how difficult and dangerous the actual replacement work would take. It also is affected by how long it would take. For example, replacing an aerial within an easy to access loft space would cost less than replacing one on the roof of a three-story house. Similar with a bungalow compared to a typical semidetached house. These factors all play a part in estimating how much the service would cost.

Additional Repair Costs

Finally, it is usually only when the engineer is at the property to asses the job when a true cost can be given. This in part is down to the assessment of the actual bracket and mast on which the old aerial is fixed. If this is in good order, then no additional cost would be incurred. This is because there would be no need to replace a sound bracket and mast. If, however, it is damaged, or is looking considerably corroded, then the cost of replacing these would be added than the initial cost of replacing just the aerial head.

Another factor to consider is if the coaxial cable needs to be replaced or not. Again, this is something that couldn’t be figured out over a phone call.

Understanding these factors hopefully helps to explain why a set cost cannot usually be posted online on the website. And why the best case is to display an approximation of how much an aerial cost to be replaced.

So, based on these factors the average price range to replace an aerial run from around £130 – £250 excluding VAT. It is worth finding out if it needs replacing first, read more here.

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