The other week I got asked if it is possible to receive the transmission being broadcast from winter hill over in Morecambe & Lancaster area. I replied it did depend where your property is and if there is no interference, but it is possible and I have been able to get a strong enough signal to split a number of times.

The customers house was near the coast in Morecambe and there was nothing initially that stuck out as being  problem. The job was to install a digital aerial to the gable end of the property and it was going to feed 2 TV points in the house. I wanted to check the signal strength and quality before I started fixing and bracket, so I hooked up a log periodic digital aerial to my spectrum analyzer meter and climber the ladder to where the aerial would be fitted. At that point It pick up a strong 63db with good signal quality so I could no drill into the wall and fix a stand off bracket.

The aerial install was a standard job really, stand off bracket which then holds a cranked mast with the aerial attached to the top of the mast pointing towards winter hill. At the base of the mast I fitted the 2 way passive outdoor splitter and ran the coax cable down to the 2 points in the property where the customer wanted the tv points. I fitted tv coax sockets for a neat finish and tested the signal, which was no at 57db with good quality. The result was a nice neat TV Aerial Installation & a happy customer.