Dating back to the glory periods of the Roman Empire, Preston made it to our days and, even more than this, transformed into a beautiful and modern city. So, when visiting Preston, it is possible to enjoy everything a modern city has and see fragments of its rich history. In case you are still looking to reasons to visit Preston, here are several interesting facts about Preston that will definitely stir your curiosity.

  • The word “teetotal” was invented in Preston

If you are not familiar with this word, you should know that it makes reference to abstention from alcohol. During a meeting of the Preston Temperance Society, back in 1833, this word was used for the first time in order to define the need to stay away from alcohol consumption. However, you don’t have to be teetotal in order to visit Preston. There is a rather considerable number of pubs and bars in the city that can be enjoyed by anyone.

  • Digitec Aerials Preston

So, Preston is a hive of activity for small to medium size businesses. One such business is Digitec Aerials Preston. They are service engineers for the Preston area fixing TV Aerials & Satellite Systems . They offer a wider range of services than your typical Sky Engineers since they are not restricted to heights.

  • It was the first city in the UK that used gas to light up its streets

More than two centuries ago, the streets of Preston were lit with the help of gas lamps. This was possible with the help of a network of gas pipes. Outside London, Preston was the first city in the country that enjoyed such an upgrade. However, some of the standards of those days would definitely not get safety approvals today, since some of those pipes were made out of musket barrels.

  • Preston enjoyed the first KFC restaurant made outside North America

Fans of the Kentucky Fried Chicken should know that people in Preston were the first living outside Canada and the US who had the chance to enjoy the famous KFC chicken. Back in 1965, in the month of May, the first KFC restaurant appeared in the city. Today, you can find no less than tree KFC eateries in the central area of Preston.

  • It may have the longest line of red phone boxes in the country

The red phone box is famous in the UK and the item was featured in numerous movies. Even if no one uses payphones these days anymore, there’s something fascinating about these phone booths. They add a bit of nostalgia to the city’s landscape. Preston has a line of no less than 8 red phone boxes, placed one after the other. It is believed that this is the longest line of the kind in the entire UK. So, if you want to see something special in the UK, you can definitely experience it in Preston. But, hurry, as the city council talks about repurposing these boxes, so no one knows for how long they can be seen in their current location.

  • It is home to one of the most representative Brutalist architectural pieces

Preston has a bus station like no other. It was built toward the end of the 1960s and represents an act of modern architectural charity. The Twentieth Century Society called this bus station one of the most representative of the Brutalist architectural style. If you want to get familiar with this style, you can easily visit Preston and see this masterpiece, which is available to every passerby.