IPTV hit over a 100 million subscribers in the first 3 months of this year. Demand in this internet TV sensation is increasing throughout the world and is growing in popularity in eastern Europe. Many countries have a very limited selection of quality TV and is a reason why this internet based Television service is becoming so popular. Programs such as Top Gear, Downton Abbey & other popular shows are sold on to foreign TV broadcasters due to their lack of quality content. Hence when you look at the figures for the increases, they are generally in countries with this kind of issue

article in DTG.org.uk

Point Topic said: “Eastern Europe reported the highest level of IPTV growth in Q1 2014 with net additions of 0.63m resulting in growth of 11.6%” and the East Asian IPTV market grew by 5.7% adding 2.58 million new subscriptions.

The top ten IPTV countries for Q1 2014 remained “broadly static,” according to the research. China led with 32.7 million subscribers, followed by France with 14.8 million, the US with 12.3 million, South Korea with 9.1 million and Japan with 4.5 million


Although IPTV is a great alternative to the regional television broadcaster, its selection of TV programs is dependant on which iptv supplier you sign up to. In the UK the quality of programs is very high and unless you are after Free 3pm TV for football then the best service for UK residents is either Freeview which requires a digital TV aerial installed or Freesat, which requires a satellite dish install plus a set top box/receiver. With these Free to air TV services you will have available to watch 90% of the most watched TV programs available – Digitec-Aerials