Firstly we need to discuss what 4G is and how does it effect my TV reception?

Well when local aerial installers in Preston refer to 4G we tend to mean any kind of radio frequency usually associated with mobile phones that can disrupt the signals being received by a TV antenna. Since the roll out of 4G a few years ago and with more and more masts broadcasting a 4G signal, there have been an increase number of people reporting problems with their Freeview reception.

The 4G signal is a problem only to Freeview and doesn’t effect satellite or cable TV, only Freeview which is received via an antenna usually fitted in the loft or outside on a chimney.

It is also a little strange as one house can be effected yet a neighbouring property can remain unaffected due to the set up of the aerial in that house. The signal being received is more likely to be effected if it is being split and or amplified. I have noticed this myself, and I was able to resolve the fault by using a 4G filter that I fitted at the base of the mast.

Preston shouldn’t be effected too much even though there are a number of new mobile phone masts that have popped up recently. One of the reasons is that the signal coming in from winter hill is a good quality strong signal, and will help when it comes to having problems with 4G. However, there can be  some that are effected as mentioned before if they are using an amplified splitter.