Kendal is a town synonymously referred to as the “Gateway to the Lake District”. It is a vibrant town that boasts of a population of about 30,000 people and is located in South Lakeland. Additionally, it is 8 miles to the south-east of Windermere. It is also the gateway to a UNESCO world heritage site, the Lake District National Park.
Why the ‘Gateway to the Lakes’?

Kendal is christened the ‘Gateway to the Lakes’ because most times, it is the first destination that people encounter when they get into the Lake District. It has also been featured multiple times on The Sunday Times’ Best Places to live list. This makes it the more reason for tourists to have a stopover while on a Lake District tourist trail.

As a an engineer that travels fitting TV Aerials in Kendal, I get to see a lot of this beautiful countryside on my journey

The residents of Kendal love that the town gives them a blend of town and country life. It is a tourist magnet as there’s always plenty to see all year round. It also boasts of breathtaking Lakeland scenery.

Kendal got on the map when the Romans arrived in the first century AD. They however left and were succeeded by the Normans. During the Norman Conquest, there had been a motte and bailey castle established at Castle Howe, which is to the west of the current town centre. The castle has been dubbed Kendal Castle and was built on Castle Hill around 1183 though the actual date is unknown.

It was when Kendal was granted the Market Charter in 1189 that it began to grow. Richard I, granted the Baron of Kendal, Gilbert Fitz-Renfried, a license to hold a Saturday Market. In exchange, he got money to support his Crusades overseas. The Baron on the other hand levied extra charges on the traders.

In the 14th century, the wool business in Kendal began to blossom. The town was at a geographical center to the Westmorland wool industry. It was also at the center of the monastic wool trade. As the industry flourished, the town also grew in number and prosperity.

Tourist sites

The main tourist attraction is the Kendal Castle that is on top of the Castle Hill. It may be in ruins, but it provides for a fun time as people explore and the site also provides for spectacular views over the town below and the River Kent. Kendal is also a darling to hikers as it boasts popular hiking trails such as Hawkshead to Lake Windermere and The Langdale Pikes. The town is also famous for Kendal mint cake.

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