At one time it the idea of pausing live TV seemed a far off dream. The thought that one could just press pause and the live television program would freeze exactly where you want seemed an impossibility, yet thats how more and more of UK residents are doing. Also, is the rise in downloading box sets from their providers and of also recording TV programs for future viewing pleasure.

From DTG

Data from over 2.3 million TiVo STBs show that a fifth of all TV is now watched in a time-shifted format—either recorded onto an internal hard drive or watched on demand—and 43% of people mostly watched TV in this manner, with 20% tuning in to live TV only for must-see moments and only 30% predominantly watching live TV.

With our lives becoming ever busier the use of the live pause or record option available to most subscribers to both paid and free to air TV is becoming more of a requirement and less of a luxury. Being able to use these options makes it more likely that when you have time to view TV we will have at least a few recorded programs to choose from instead of aimlessly channel hopping. There is no need to be subscribed to a pay Tv service such as Virgin, Sky or BT Vision as there is that option for the Free to air TV providers such as Freeview and Freesat. All that is needed is a Digital receiver with the option to record and you to can feel like the privileged few and have your favourite programs recorded for you to watch when your good and ready