New Freeview Channel coming soon!

With the popularity of Freeview TV platform, there are more and more channels being added very year. As reported on DTG, there is a new free to air channel being launch over the next few months, with some pay to view to arrive after that.

TruTV, part of Turner Broadcasting, will air as a 24-hour channel in the coming months on free-to-view services with Pay-TV services likely to follow.

Already a hit channel in the US (with 93m homes tunning in) and some of it’s shows already available on UK TV, TruTV is home to shows like Container wars, Fear Factor and the US version of Impractical Jokers. As well as existing programming, the channel is expected to buy distribution from the likes of Endemol and Zodiak rights.

Turner UK general manager Anthony Lukom said “TruTV shows real-life comedy featuring incredible characters in real-life situations, a formula that is enjoying ever-increasing popularity worldwide,” he added.

Will I need to re tune to get new channels on Freeview?

Depends, sometimes the freeview system will automatically be updated , and fairly regularly, if left on standby rather than turning it off at the plug socket. Otherwise you may need to rune a retune to update your epg list. A TV retune, and software update can be performed by any reputable TV engineer for a small fee.