You View customers will be happy to hear that they will now be able to access the BBC iplayer & red button function via their You View boxes. Before now this function has been missing and it is no surprise that it has now been added, what with the rise of viewers accessing on demand TV and watching their favourite programs when they want to.

Customers will be able to watch exclusive BBC iPlayer programmes and discover content more easily. The refreshed look and feel offers new categories including comedy, arts, history and music.

In addition, YouView customers will be able to access an increased choice of video and streaming content across news, sport and weather via BBC Connected Red Button, which can be launched from BBC TV channels.

What to expect from BBC iPlayer:

  • Watch programs going back 30 days using a easy to use home page
  • View shows only shown on the updated BBC iPlayer such as Doctor Who Extra
  • thumb through new categories such as docs, food & drink, Arts and History programs pls more.
  • search using series, season, event or theme.

It has been a necessary upgrade from You View, and much needed. With the increased use of internet TV and the ability to access more of the TV programs when and where the viewing public want, it is the wrong time to be behind the curve with so many big players vying for the attention of hungry online Television viewers.