Considering the rich history of Lancaster, a city that has been around since the days of the Roman Empire, it is easy to see why there are so many amazing places to visit here. From ancient vestiges, castles, medieval buildings, and modern constructions, everything can be found in Lancaster. But, if you want to know what attracts visitors to the city year after year, you should take a look at the places listed below. They are the best you can visit in Lancaster and it is worth taking into consideration when the time is short.

  • The Lancaster Castle

There’s no better way to start your visit in Lancaster than by visiting the Lancaster Castle, a famous landmark in the area. Considering that Queen Elizabeth II is actually the Duke of Lancaster, this castle is closely connected to the British royal family. The castle is still as impressive and majestic as it once was, so it is definitely worth paying a visit. But, besides the castle, you can also take a look at the houses that surround it, made in the Georgian style around the 1700s.

  • Lancaster Priority Church

Located close to the Lancaster Castle, it is definitely worth the time to visit this Church as well. The first priory appeared in 1094, although it is believed that a Roman building existed there before the priory was made, somewhere around the year 200. Since the first priory was built, the Church was constantly expanded and changed, until it reached the present-day shape. Known as the Priory Church of St. Mary, this building is listed as Grade I since 1953.

  • Lancaster Town Hall

Located in Dalton Square, the Town Hall of Lancaster was opened by Lord Ashton, on the 27th of December 1909. A multi-millionaire industrialist and businessman, Lord Ashton translated his fortune in the gorgeous building that still stands today, the Ashton hall being today one of the most preferred venues for various events and concerts. As soon as you walk inside, you will be amazed by the details and opulence of the building, the reflection of a man that managed to get very rich during the industrial era.

  • The Stone Jetty

The Stone Jetty is ideal for walks, as it goes along the sea, allowing you to enjoy the view and the sea breeze. But, as you walk by, it is possible to spoil your eyesight with numerous artworks. When you want to take a break, you can stop at the cafe located near the end of the jetty or enjoy the Ravilious Rotunda Bar at the Midland Hotel.

  • The Morecambe Winter Gardens

If you visit Morecambe, you will have the chance to see examples of beautiful Victorian architecture. Listed as a Grade II building, this was officially opened in 1897, amazing everyone with its details ever since. It is also worth mentioning that the building appeared on TV on numerous occasions, as it served as the ideal background for very many scenes in movies and TV shows. If you want to get the most of your visit here, opt for a guided tour.

  • The Dukes

The Dukes is actually a theater, but the architecture and size of the building are impressive. So, whether you like arts or architecture, you have more than enough reasons to visit The Dukes. The famous Williamson Park Walkabout Theatre calls this place home while this place is deeply involved in the making of not just theatre, but also film, art, and education.

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