Sky installation on Lodge in Preston

sky dish on lodge

I enjoyed doing this satellite dish installation at a holiday park near Preston. The sky dish was a zone 2 dish which is slightly larger than the standard zone 1 sky dish. We used a slightly larger satellite dish because where the lodge or park home was situated there were trees which interfering with a clear line of sight. As you can see in the picture we installed the dish near the front of the caravan, due to this being the only place we could get a good enough signal. Normally we would install the satellite dish in a more discreet location, but there was no other option at this particular site in Preston.

Sky Dish Installation

satellite dish on lodge

When the weather is warm and you happen to be in a pleasant location, sky installation becomes a great job. Working out side in nice surroundings does help you feel great. Fitting the satellite dish here in the caravan Park in Preston is just that little bit different from a normal satellite dish installation at a residential home in Preston. With the sun on your back and the birds chirping, I can see why people move into these park homes as a permanent home.