As a TV Aerial Installer in the North West of England I often come across customers who have recently cancelled their TV subscription service. This is mainly to do with the monthly cost of paying for the service being just too much. It is no surprise to read in this latest article from

The top TV packages from Sky, Virgin Media and TalkTalk, which include all the premium content and best available broadband speeds, all now cost more than £1,000 (€1,251) a year.

According to media regulator Ofcom, the average revenue per user made by TV companies has “increased as pay-TV subscribers have taken up more premium products”.

Recent figures show that BT’s overall average revenue per user has grown 7 per cent year on year to £404. Sky’s has risen from £504 four years ago to £574, while Virgin’s is £588 a year – an increase 2 per cent year on year.

To watch all Premier League football matches, plus premium shows such as Game of Thrones, House of Cards and Extant, consumers need to subscribe to Sky Sports and BT, Sky Atlantic, Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video, respectively. Buying just those TV services directly – without them being bundled with any packages that include broadband or telephony – costs about £792 a year, or £839 in HD. That is on top of £145.50 a year for the BBC licence fee.

There are ways to drastically reduce the monthly cost of your TV packages. By choosing the Freeview service it is possible to get a vast majority of programs being watched throughout the UK. Then by choosing to pay for the Film and series packages from providers such as amazon or netflix, there is a way of getting the popular paid for TV programs and films which are very popular. The only way to really find what works for yourself is to browse the options before you decide to jump in with a subscription commitment. For Freeview TV, you will need a TV Aerial Installation of a quality digital aerial.