All TV Aerials in the UK get their signals from a land-based Transmitter, and because of this depending where the transmitter is in relation to the aerial will relate to how much of a signal can be received. Other factors to take into consideration is the local geography such as hills, trees and valleys which will impact on the signal. Due to this most TV antennas are situated outside, but not all.

Loft Aerials can receive a weaker signal

​The make up of a roof can negatively impact on the signal getting through to a loft aerial. That being said, it is possible in many homes to have adequate signal strength from an aerial fitted in a loft. The signal strength can be reduced by over 50% in a loft, but factors such as the type of loft lining, externally fitted solar panels should be taken into consideration.

Many if not all new build properties come with a stipulation in the contract that any TV aerial required is to be fitted internally. This is for aesthetics and not because it is a better way of doing it. Plus, in many installations an additional amplifier is required because of the reduced signal being received from within the loft.

What are the Benefits to having the Aerial Fitted in the Loft?

​As previously mentioned, one of the major benefits to having it fitted in the loft or attic, is that it is out of sight and looks better than having it fitted externally either on the chimney or wall. Another benefit is that if fitted correctly, the aerial should last for decades and will always outlast an externally fitted TV aerial. This is because it’s not being exposed to the weather year after year.

When should the Aerial be fitted outside instead of in the loft?

​It is generally when the signal strength being received is low or poor. When in a poor signal area, it is always better to maximise the amount of signal being received by fitting the aerial externally. This also gives the aerial fitter the option of using a tall mast in order to pick up more of the signal. Something that cannot be done within a loft.

This is often the case in the more rural areas where hills and the lay of the land tend to get in the way and also, generally because the transmitter is a long way away. In these kind of scenarios it can sometimes be impossible to pick up a good enough signal from within a loft, even if it was to be boosted, it wouldn’t be enough.

How to Maximise the strength of a TV signal?

​To maximise a signal, for those living in a poor or weak signal area as previously mentioned, it is best to use an externally fitted aerial. But there are more ways in which to increase a weak signal, such as;

  1. Use a high gain aerial
  2. Increase the height of the aerial by using a tall mast
  3. Use only high-quality copper cable
  4. Make sure all connections are fitted correctly
  5. Use some sort of powered amplifier such as a masthead amp, with a 25db variable gain.

By employing these methods, a decent aerial installer will be able to get a good enough signal in most locations in the country. And for the aeras’ which it really is impossible, there is always the option of installing a satellite dish or either Freesat or Sky.