On the banks of River Mersey lies Warrington, a large town that is strategically positioned in that it is 20 miles (32km) to the west of Manchester and 20 miles (32km) to the east of Liverpool. It has an estimated population of 209,700 and is the largest town in the whole of Cheshire County. In addition to this, it is wonderful business hub for entrepreneurs looking to pitch tent in the town and this is why:

  • Good transport

It is crucial for every business to be able to reach the rest of the country regardless of its location. You want to get to your suppliers, clients and other contacts in record time. As a young company in Warrington, this is made possible by the very good transport links that will be vital in getting to your clients. While in Warrington, you are only minutes away from the M6, M56 and the M62 which will link you to the rest of the country. Additionally, it boasts of two train stations. It’s proximity to Manchester and Liverpool means that you have access to airports should you have to travel internationally.

  • Business environment

Every entrepreneur is concerned with whether there are potential clients and Warrington will have you at ease. It is the home of multiple businesses that include Rolls-Royce, BT and TalkTalk. It is also home to other industries. For instance, Arcadis, a worldwide leader in design and consultancy for built and natural assets, calls Warrington home as well as Nuvia, the nuclear specialist. Regardless of your business niche, you won’t be short of clients, contacts or if need be, a business partner.

  • Talent pool

When a business starts growing, there is the need for employees and this calls for recruitment. Warrington is anything but short of talent as it is home to a labour pool full of enterprising and skilled people. Additionally, being near to both Liverpool and Manchester means that it has access to the talented graduates from the respective universities. Warrington also plays host to a University of Chester campus which gives you a talent pool to recruit from.

  • Support for business

Having a support system for new businesses is one way to ensure success and Warrington is full of diverse organizations that are bent on leading your company to growth. For example, there’s the Warrington Business Exchange which is a valuable networking organization that will link you to the contacts you need for the success of your business. Other organizations include the Cheshire and Warrington Business Growth Hub and for internet access, the Connecting Cheshire Superfast Business.
You might be wary about setting up business in a town that is not often on the media headlines but this doesn’t mean that the town is bad for business. In fact, there are so many opportunities to take advantage that you can’t afford to miss out on.

  • ​Small Businesses

As a small business Digitec Aerials operates in and around the area as TV Aerial Installers. Using the excellent transport links and roads it is fairly easy to get from job to job. for more info click here