It’s always a please to be working outside on a warm sunny day in Blackpool. Working as an Aerial Installer in Blackpool does have its challenges. For instance, some of the properties which we attend are 3 story Victorian style properties which are very high as you can imagine, but also, with any kind of breeze up there can make being an aerial fitter in Blackpool rather testing to say the least. On Friday though it was a perfect day to be a TV Aerial Installer. Why? well unless you were out of the country, it was probably the best day weather wise of the year. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and there was only a very slight breeze, perfect conditions.

Type of TV Aerials used for the Blackpool region

One of the installs we carried out in Blackpool was to replace an old TV Aerial that had past its effectiveness. The customer had an old analogue style TV aerial which had probably been on his roof for a good 20+ years. His picture kept breaking up and was proving more and more frustrating to watch quality TV through. We suggested a new TV Aerial, a Log Periodic Wideband (digital approved) TV Aerial was installed with a out door splitter attached at the mast head. The signal we get with these type of Television Aerials is always good, but apart from the signal strength being good, we use these aerials because the signal quality is always better than from other aerials, due to the fact that it has not back balam, or back reflector.

Benefits of Being Local Installers

Have no back balam, or reflector helps to reduce the amount of interference picked up from the TV Aerial and helps to pull in a good quality of signal with reduced noise. Having installed the new digital approved aerial, and also replaced the old cable with new double shielded coax cable, our customer was delighted to be able to view his favorite TV programs gliche free. It was a nice day to be a in Blackpool that day with there being hardly any wind, and with the warm sun on our backs, plus another satisfied customer.