Glasson Dock, or Glasson as it is also known, is a village in Lancashire, south of Lancaster and close to the River Lune.  It has a small population of around 600 people.

Glasson was originally a small farming and fishing village but in 1779 the Lancaster Port Commission decided to build a dock due to the difficulties shipping vessels had navigating up the River Lune to Lancaster.

The dock opened in 1787 and was large enough to hold up to 25 merchant ships.  At its peak, Glasson was the largest port in the North West importing cotton, sugar, spices and even slaves from Africa and the Indies.  As the ships using the dock did not require much local labour, settlements around the dock did not increase significantly.

The dock is still used to today albeit with a limited amount of commercial traffic.  Coal shipments are still transported to the Isle of Man and Western Isles of Scotland, and incoming cargo includes animal food and fertiliser which are stored in sheds on the dock.
There are some excellent, scenic walks to be enjoyed around Glasson Dock and surrounding areas.

A cycle path has also been built along the former railway line that carried goods to Glasson Dock until it closed in the 1960s.  The cycle way runs past Lancaster through to Morecambe Bay where some of the best sea views can be enjoyed along the route.

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