Freeview is the platform by which TV channels such as the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 & 5 plus many more can be view in real time. Normally, these would be received via an aerial that sends the signal down a cable into the television. The television would be tuned into the specific frequencies on which these TV channels are broadcast.

With the Freeview platform comes a guide and automatic channel organisation that sets up the channels in a familiar order. This means BBC1 is always on the first channel, no.1, after that is BBC2, ITV, Channel 4 and so on. The Freeview platform organises this so it is uniform throughout the UK, and makes it easier to find the channels people want to watch.

I have no Aerial, can I still watch Freeview?

The good news is, it’s possible to receive Freeview on a TV without the need for a TV aerial. However, there are certain qualifiers to this. First, you would need a Smart TV, or a Freeview Box with Freeplay installed, and a fast, stable internet connection.

There is a downside, and that is that it is a case of logging into different channels and streaming their content as and when you want to watch it. For instance BBC iPlayer, ITV hub etc. Freeview play makes it easier to select these and see what’s on. However, it is more complicated than just flicking through the channels as one would with a live broadcast via a TV aerial.

It is a good alternative if there is absolutely no way of getting a digital signal from a TV aerial. But it is a bit of a pain to use, and doesn’t offer the ease of use compared to receiving it through an aerial.

Via PC or Tablet.

Another way, if the TV being used doesn’t have Freeplay installed on it is to stream the TV channels via a laptop or other device and to connect it to the TV. This is a good alternative, and can help reduce the cost since you wouldn’t need to go out and buy a smart TV. As long the TV’s have the ability to use a HDMI cable, and the laptop has that facility, then it is an easy set up.
Again, there would have to be a fast and stable internet signal, but most households have that these days.


So, although there is options to receive and watch Freeview without an antenna, it is by far the best way of receiving hassle free viewing. With the ability to instantly switch from on broadcasters channel to another without logging in and out a TV aerial still proves to be the best solution for watching Freeview on the TV.

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