​Depending on the type of aerial and where it is located, an aerial can last upwards of 20 years plus. So, one thing to address here is whether or not the actual TV antenna is working correctly. If someone is receiving all of the channels for their region without any faults, then why the need to change? Even old TV aerials designed for the analogue signal, can still pick up a good signal for digital TV. Therefore, if the television aerial is working Ok, then there would be no need to change it. If unsure, simply ask us.

Reasons to replace a TV aerial

If viewing is being interrupted by the occasional glitch on the television, this may indicate a problem with the aerials system. This may be down to a fault with the aerial. However, it isn’t always the case, and depends on the system set up someone has. Amplifiers can fail, & cable can degrade, so just because there is a signal fault, it doesn’t always point to the aerial.

One reason to replace a working aerial is if it has been damaged and is causing a rattling or noise when it is windy. People usually detect this at night when they’re in bed. They can hear the aerial rattling in the wind, keeping them awake. The aerial itself may still be working, but it would be advisable to replace it. Both for a good nights’ sleep, & before parts of it break off and fall onto the neighbours’ property causing damage.

Transmitter changes frequency

On the odd occasion, transmitters will change the frequencies they transmit the digital TV broadcast. When this happens, the televisions in the house need to be re-tuned. If after re-tuning there are channels missing, this could indicate that the antenna being used is unable to pick up the newer frequencies. This can be down to design, as certain aerials were designed to filter out certain frequencies, whilst still receiving others.

Sometimes a change of frequency from the transmitter can cause problems with this. Therefore, the only solution is to replace the antenna with one that will pick up all of the frequencies being broadcast.


So, on average a good quality TV aerial should last upwards of 15 years. However, it really can depend where it is located. Aerials that are fit in a location that is very exposed, especially to the sea air tend to fair worse that those in a more inland and sheltered location.

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