Sunderland Point is a small village and resides between the River Lune and Morecambe Bay in the city of Lancaster in Lancashire, with a population of less than 100.   The area is surrounded by creeks and marshes where beautiful views can be enjoyed over the River Lune.  Wildlife is plentiful and as many as 50,000 birds feed there.

Originally Sunderland was a once thriving port and was used mainly for slave and cotton ships, but in the early 1800s its importance in the maritime world declined as other ports opened up, such as the docks at Glasson located on the opposite bank.  A rather sad sight of this small area of land is Sambos Grave – this area is said to be the final resting place of a young African slave boy who died in 1736 only 4 days after making it to land.  Flowers and messages are often left at the grave by visitors to the area.

Sunderland is a unique village as it is located on the mainland but is dependant on the tides for access.  The road is completely covered by the swirling tide twice a day during high tide, Sunderland Point can be accessed by car but only via a single-track road from Overton which is located 2.4 km away from Sunderland.  Residents have to adapt to life with the tides.  For example, children who attend the local school in Overton sometimes arrive late, or need to leave early, depending on the tide times. As aerial engineers we sometimes get call outs here, and we have to check the tides too.

Along the quay are a number of Victorian and Georgian dwellings which have been well protected against the weather. However, there are many properties at Sunderland Point that regularly suffer flooding.

Interestingly, the area was one of the locations used for filming a TV drama – The Ruby in the Smoke – in 2006 starring Julie Walters and Billie Piper.

Driving Directions from Digitec Aerials to Sunderland Point

Driving directions from Sunderland Point to Glasson Dock