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Distributing TV Around the Home

DigiTec are TV Distribution installers for both home and commercial properties. With a growing number of different services being viewed through one TV, the installation of TV Distribution systems is increasingly necessary. Whether you want to have something as simple as having your Freeview piped to every TV in your home, through to distributing CCTV, Satellite TV stations, Freeview, DVD & radio, DigiTec can help.

Probably the most popular TV Distribution choice is to install a TV link system in a home so that both digital TV and Sky can be watched from in the bedroom, and to be able to change the sky channels, without having to move the box from the living room. These systems are very popular due to the cost of the kit and installation.

TV Distribution Systems

Depending on your requirements, there will be distribution systems for you. For Apartment blocks, Hospitals, medium to large hotel complexes, the use of an IRS system is the only way to go. For smaller hotels and similar complexes to domestic residences which require a smaller number of independently controlled TV’s then a Multibox system or a DDU (Domestic Distribution Unit) will be the TV Distribution systems of choice.

Deciding on which one to go for is probably best left up to the experts as there will be many variables to take into consideration. For any advice, then feel free to speak to us on 07726 299 032.

Home TV Distribution

As Home Distribution aerial Installers, we are often asked to pipe Sky to TV’s in other rooms of the home. If you want to watch Sky in more than one room, then sky will sell you the multiroom package. This is where, for a fee of £11.25 per room per month you can watch sky by using another digi box. But the downs side is the ongoing monthly payments for this privilege.

Home TV Distribution is a solution to this, since we can install a system, that pipes the same sky channel you are watching from the main box, through to as many TV’s as you want around the home, plus you’ll be able to change channel, watch recorded programs and pause live TV. The only downside to this is you cannot view sky channels independently. However with these systems all the Digital Freeview channels can also be distributed to the same TV’s via those same cables. With Freeview, you can change channels and watch different programs independently of other TV’s on the Link.

TV Distribution Amplifier

With TV Distribution there are quite a few different ways to provide the desired result. One popular piece of kit is the amplifier. The signals from satellite TV, digital terrestrial signal plus CCTV signals are very weak. So, to be able to split these signals into more than two or three & to pipe these signals throughout the home or building, then a stronger signal is required. This is where the amplifier or a modulator come into play.

Choosing the right TV Distribution systems for your home or business should generally be left up to the experts as they will be able to decide which type of amplifier or modulator units will be best for you. DigiTec are experienced Home TV Distribution installers & TV Distribution installation experts. Please feel free to contact us to book your installation or to talk to us regards any aspect of these systems.

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