When it comes to using any tradesman, many people prefer to use someone who is local. Why is that? Well, not that I’m privy to everyone’s reasons, I can only surmise that it is because of a few logical factors. One, being that if you use an aerial company such as Digitec Aerials, who are local, the money paid to the tradesman stays local, and he or she will spend that money locally putting the money back into the local economy.

Second, I think is that if there was to be a need for the fitter to return for whatever reason, they are more likely if they’re local over someone that is from a national firm.

Pitfalls of using a nation aerial company

Not all national Aerial companies have their own accredited engineers, and rely on outsourcing the work to subcontractors. The subcontractor is expected to go to the house quote and get the job done. Quite often because of the overheads of these companies, with so many taking a cut of the profits, the prices of any repair or installation work is high. Along with that there is the inevitable VAT to be added on.

Also, as opposed to using a local firm, if there is the need to have the national company call back due to a problem, this may be difficult to tie them down to do. A local firm is much more likely to call back and fix any fault as they are reliant on keeping their reputation in high standing in the local area.

Do I have to Pay VAT on my aerial installation?

So, this all depends on the turnover of the aerial company being used. If the business turns over less than £85,000 p.a then they are not obliged to charge VAT on top of their service charges. This then is another reason for someone to use a small local firm, in order to save 20% off their bill.

Using a larger firm will almost always lead to a larger bill for the same service and equipment being fitted. This can seem a little unfair but it is what it is, and is often why National firms do charge more money for their services.

What Guarantee should I expect?

​With any service provided, there ought to be some form of warranty or guarantee. Along with this there should be a guarantee provided with any equipment installed at the property. This is because each piece of equipment will have a manufacturers’ warranty that can and should be passed onto the customer. For aerial installations, a minimum of 12 months should be given, and each piece of equipment, they will have their own separate warranty.

How long does a TV aerial last?

Good question! But, the question should be ‘how long SHOULD a TV aerial last?’ In all honesty a decent quality aerial should last well over 10 years and upwards of 20 years plus. However, there is a lot of different types and quality of Television antenna out there, and it really does depend on the quality of both the aerial and the installation.

Typical Cheap TV Aerial

cheap aerial

​There are plenty of aerial fitters still using the cheapest aerials on the market. Some of these aerials are lucky if they last out the year. Although they can survive and work well if set up properly in a loft, but they fair very badly if installed outside. Eventually the British weather causes them to fail.

Quality Digital TV Aerial

log periodic tv aerial

​However, if a decent quality antenna is fitted correctly by a qualified engineer, then you should really expect it to last a god 15 to 25 years. This also does depend on where about the property is that it is being fitted onto. Those near the seaside tend to weather worse due to the salt within the weather. But, even though it would still last over a decade.

How much does a TV Aerial Installation cost?

​So, this can change a bit depending on what kind of aerial company being asked for a quote. National and larger firms will tend to charge more because they have larger overheads and charge VAT. Smaller firms and one man bands will usually not be charging Vat and have fewer overheads, hence the prices will be less. Plus, prices will vary depending on whether it is a loft aerial installation or one fitted outside.

On average the cost of an aerial installation to one room in the home costs approximately £165.00. However, it does depend on where on the property it is going, and other factors. So in reality prices will range from £150 – £250 for an aerial to be installed on the property.