Freeview is the platform by which we receive all free to air TV channels for our region from a land based transmitter. In Lancaster it is possible to receive signal from two different transmitters. One is based near Nether Kellet close to Lancaster and the other is based near Bolton on Winter Hill.

At one time, there used to be a larger selection of channels transmitted from Winter Hill, but nowadays there is parity. So, due to its location, most properties located in and around the Lancaster & Morecambe region tend to fair better from receiving their transmissions from the Kellet Transmitter.

So, what type of TV aerial is best for Freeview? Well, there are many different designs and types of aerial that will work perfectly in receiving the frequencies on which Freeview is broadcast. So, it can therefore depend on some other factors other than just receiving the signal. Click here for TV Aerial Installation advice.

Low wind load

For outdoor aerials having a lower wind load will lessen the likelihood of it getting damaged by the occasional storm. The lower the wind load the less stress it puts on the antenna, the mast and its’ bracket. More info here on whether the aerial needs to be on the roof.

One type of aerial which is excellent for this is the Log Periodic TV aerial. These come in a number of sizes from the mini log measuring 40cm in length to the larger version at approximately 1 meter in length. These design of aerial are ideal for Freeview as they will pick up frequencies from 21 through to 60 Wideband or up to channel 48 & Frequency: 470-786MHz if a K-band version. Either version will work in the UK.


One major reason for recommending an aerial is how it holds up in the bad weather. Lots of aerials work well in bringing in a good quality signal. But, many aerials do struggle to keep water out of their systems. Allowing water to get into the coaxial cable itself. This is one area where the log periodic aerial is very popular amongst aerial fitters. They rarely go wrong, and virtually never allow water to penetrate it. It has proved to be a very robust and good quality antenna.

There are many different types of TV aerial to choose from, but as long as it is designed to receive the wideband signal, then it will be compatible with the signal on which Freeview is transmitted. The only thing to decide is if it is going outside on in a loft space. If it is going to be externally fitted, then going for the log periodic antenna would be my recommend to you.

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